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Hessle Sixth Form College

Who is the course aimed at?     

Sociology is for students who are:

  • Open-minded
  • Willing to think ‘outside the box’
  • Interested in their own personal reality as a ‘human being’ and a member of society
  • Socially and politically aware (or willing to become so)
  • Willing to work hard

What will you learn?     

This A Level course introduces you to key concepts and core themes surrounding the subject of Sociology. The central focus of study is UK society today.

The course aims to encourage your development and participation by engaging in contemporary issues, raising your sociological awareness and understanding.

You will conduct research and explore sociological theories, perspectives and methods surrounding the core themes of socialisation, culture and identity, power and stratification and social differentiation.

The course specification has three components. These are:

  • 4.1: Education with Theory and Methods
  • 4.2: Topics in Sociology - Families and Households / Stratification and Differentiation
  • 4.3: Crime and Deviance with Theory and Methods

How will you be assessed?         

Assessment is exam based.

There is one exam paper for each of the three components. Each exam is two hours long and is 33.3% of the A-Level.

How will you learn?       

  • Powerpoint presentations
  • Mind mapping
  • Written exercises
  • Group discussion
  • Individual presentations
  • Field trips
  • IT audio-visual media  Exam based exercises  Intensive revision
  • Posters, crosswords, gap word exercises
  • Independent research
  • Debate and discussion

Enrichment activities and independent learning?           

Additional reading outside of lessons will be expected and we offer a number of resources for independent learning.

We also arrange lectures on examination technique and provide revision classes to consolidate classroom learning.

Staff are approachable and are more than happy to offer additional support as and when required.

What or where next?    

Students can proceed onto degree courses for which A Level provides excellent preparatory knowledge and understanding.

Sociology is available for study at all leading universities in the UK, Europe and North America and provides a credible and useful basis for career progression in many areas of professional expertise.

Careers could include social work, nursing, teaching research, health service management, paramedics, health visitors, childcare workers and managers, uniformed services, criminal justice professions, the legal profession, care workers and their managers and all kinds of welfare work and public administration.

More information          

For more information about this course please see the specification below or contact the sixth form team.