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A Level  

Why is this subject so valuable? 

  • Religious Studies provides you with life skills as well as academic skills. 

  • It shows you understand the world, life, and people – every job needs this. 

  • It gives meaning, purpose and understanding to life. 

  • Covers moral issues in the light of different religious, agnostic and atheistic viewpoints. 

  • Allows you to acquire and develop skills that universities and employers look for.  


Three written examinations. Each examination is 2 hours - 100% of overall grade.  

Where Next 

The skills and knowledge you obtain will set you apart when you apply for higher education or employment. It shows you are academic and well-rounded. This subject can lead to a career in: Law, Counselling, Teaching and/or Lecturing, Criminology, Medicine, Child/Adult Psychology, Social Services, Police Force, Management, Business and many more. 

More Information 

For more information about this course please see the specification below or contact the Sixth Form team.