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Cottingham, Hessle and Wolfreton Sixth Form College

Who is the course aimed at?     

Psychology is a popular subject, interesting to those who:

  • Would like to understand more about what and why individuals behave as we do
  • Are keen to learn about psychology as the scientific study of mind and behaviour
  • Wish to develop the key skills of analysis, evaluation and application of research
  • Wish to combine psychology with other subjects such as biology, chemistry, maths, etc.

What will you learn?     

Component 1 - Research Methods

Techniques for collecting and analysing data:

  • Self Report, Experiment, Observation and Correlation

Includes mathematical skills such as interpreting data and statistical analysis (10% of the content).

Component 2 - Psychological Themes Through Core Studies

5 psychological areas incorporating 10 key themes and a classic and contemporary study located within each theme (20 studies) 

  • Social
  • Cognitive
  • Developmental
  • Biological
  • Individual Differences
  • Methodological Issues
  • Areas, Perspectives and Debates
  • Practical Applications

Component 3 - Applied Psychology and Issues in Mental Health

  • Compulsory unit - Mental Health
  • 2 optional units from - Child Psychology, Sports Psychology, Criminal Psychology or Environmental Psychology

A range of activities encourages the development of independent learning, bridging the gap between GCSE and university level study. Students are supported in acquiring learning skills which will enable them to analyse and evaluate research. This allows them to make informed judgements about usefulness of psychological material, and how it may be used to improve the quality of life.

How will you be assessed?         

  • Component 1 Research Methods                                                                                   30% of total A Level - 90 marks, 2 hour exam
  • Component 2 Psychological Themes Through Core Studies                                             35% of total A Level - 105 marks, 2 hour exam
  • Component 3 Applied Psychology                                                                                 35% of total A Level - 105 marks, 2 hour exam

How will you learn?

  • Taking part in discussions and debates
  • Group and pairs work
  • Some teacher led activities
  • Practical research - Plan and conduct experiments and then analyse data to draw conclusions
  • Giving presentations about researched material
  • Taking part in debate and discussion
  • Variety of video and films
  • Examination questions, mark schemes and past papers

Enrichment activities and independent learning?           

Students will be expected to conduct four pieces of independent research and produce a report for each.

During the course there may be opportunities to visit the crown court and also a psychology careers day.

What or where next?    

Future opportunities for work in the field of psychology involve:

Clinical psychology, counselling psychology, educational psychology, forensic psychology, health psychology, neuropsychology, occupational psychology, sport and exercise psychology, teaching and research.

Other careers for which psychology will be useful:

Nursing and other medical related careers, teaching, the police force and journalism.

More information          

For more information about this course please see the specification below or contact the sixth form team.