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A Level  

Physics is the most fundamental of the sciences and its ideas and principals are the foundations for all other science subjects. This course offers a broad vision of physics as it is today. There are nine units studied: 

Year 12 

  • Measurements and Their Errors 

  • Particles and Radiation  

  • Waves  

  • Mechanics and Materials  

  • Electricity  

Year 13 

  • Further Mechanics and Thermal Physics  

  • Fields and Their Consequences  

  • Nuclear Physics  

  • Turning Points in Physics  

Following on from your GCSE studies you will explore the subject and its uses in the modern world looking at a variety of phenomena in a practical and in depth way. 


100% Exam 

Where Next 

Successful physics students have a huge advantage in the work place, particularly in fields such as accounting, teaching, medical physics, engineering, mathematics, mechanics, law and optometry; where their scientific skills are highly valued. Many students progress to university to continue with their studies at degree level. Potential courses include physics, astronomy, engineering, IT, medicine and maths. 

More Information 

For more information about this course please see the specification below or contact the Sixth Form team.