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A Level  

English Literature’s historicist approach to the study of literature rests upon reading texts within a shared context. Working from the belief that no text exists in isolation but is the product of the time in which it was produced, English Literature encourages students to explore the relationships that exist between texts and the contexts within which they are written, received and understood. Studying texts within a shared context enables students to investigate and connect them, drawing out patterns of similarity and difference using a variety of reading strategies and perspectives. English Literature encourages students to debate and challenge the interpretations of other readers as they develop their own informed personal responses.  


Paper 1: Love through the ages (40%) 3 hours 

Paper 2: Texts in shared context (40%) 2 hours 30 minutes NEA (non-examined assessment) (20%)  

Where Next 

English Literature can be studied at university either by itself, or alongside other subjects. Possible related careers include teaching, journalism and other media related careers.  

More Information 

For more information about this course please see the specification below or contact the Sixth Form team.