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A Level 

The importance of Chemistry stems from its central position among the basic sciences: on the one hand it is linked with physics through physical chemistry, and on the other with biology through biochemistry. It plays an important part in the development of such sciences as geology and physiology; it underlines many branches of technology such as metallurgy and materials science, fuel technology, textile technology and particularly chemical engineering and the harnessing of nuclear energy. Chemistry also enters into every manufacturing industry as well as medicine and agriculture for these are all concerned with the properties and changes of chemical substances.  


Three 2-hour examinations at the end of the course. Examinations 100%  

Where Next 

It is a desirable course for those wishing to go into Medicine or Dentistry. Past students have gone on to study a wide variety of university courses e.g. Chemistry, Pharmacology, Pharmacy, Forensic Science, and Chemical Engineering. 

More Information 

For more information about this course please see the specification below or contact the Sixth Form team.