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A Level 

Every day new discoveries are made in biological and medical science which have a dramatic impact on our lives and futures. A Level Biology builds on your knowledge and understanding of the concepts studied at GCSE. You will be made aware of the advances in biotechnology, be able to discuss the value and responsible use of Biology in society and you will have the opportunity to sustain and develop your enjoyment of science. It can lead to careers in Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Science and to a wide range of university courses. If you wish to pursue a Biology course at University, then you are advised to take Chemistry at A Level in addition.  


A Level - Three 2-hour examinations at the end of the course. Examinations 100% 

Where Next 

To a wide variety of university courses, especially in the scientific, medical or environmental fields. It can be a very useful starting point for many biology related careers such as Medicine, Dentistry, Environmental Studies or Science Education. 

More Information 

For more information about this course please see the specification below or contact the Sixth Form team.